We suffer through years of pain with COVID. We start getting back to normal and boom inflation causes more pain.

The current financial system is broken. It’s broken because of governments and central banks and its broken because of QE. The trillions of dollars printed over the last few years is causing high inflation.

What is the solution? Currently, the solution is BTC. Or at the very least, BTC forms part of the solution. It is my strong belief, that if you read the 5 books in this post, you will fully agree and you will realise how important BTC is.

Don’t be scared of by the price of 1 BTC. I’ve made the same mistake time and time again over the years. When you fully understand BTC, you’ll realise that 0.1 BTC or even 0.01 BTC is better than zero BTC.


Some bitcoin books are quite boring to be honest. This book is the opposite and is a very easy read. It gives you some of the authors background and how he fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole. He is very convinced on Bitcoin’s importance in global economics and I feel he will convince you the same.

It’s not just Bitcoin he talks about though. He also talks about the history of money, modern money and the future of money. If you understand the history of money and are financially literate, you will understand why the world needs BTC. This book will improve your financial literacy and will help you to understand BTC.

At the time of reading this book, I’d already fell down the BTC rabbit hole. Reading this book only compounded my belief in BTC’s importance in the future of money. It might just be the next global reserve currency.

This book is the book I wish I’d read in 2015 when I was first told about BTC. It took me 6 years to understand BTC and this was down to improved financial literacy and my understanding of inflation. This book would have accelerated my understanding and is a perfect book for beginners looking to understand BTC.

After this book you will be convinced that the current financial system is broken. You will understand that fiat currency (and even gold) can be manipulated and can be fucked with. On the other hand, you will fully understand that BTC is hard money that CANT BE FUCKED WITH.


21 lessons takes you on a Bitcoin journey that covers philosophy, technology and economics. It’s another easy read that will help you to fully understand BTC.

What I like is the quirkiness of this book. It’s different to other crypto books and is 100% worth a read. You will be able to devour it in a few days IF you are interested in Bitcoin.

What I really like is that it has improved my understanding of money. The book includes lessons about financial ignorance, inflation, value, money and the history of money, fractional reserve banking and the fact that Bitcoin is re-introducing sound money in a sly, roundabout way.

One of my personal lightbulb moments was the realisation that issuing new currency – printing more money – is a completely different economic activity than all other economic activities. While real goods and real services produce real value for real people, printing money effectively does the opposite: it takes away value from everyone who holds the currency which is being inflated. The author talks about how bitcoin has taught him about the nasty effects of inflation and hyperinflation.

Bitcoin has taught the author about inflation and this valuable info is relayed to the reader. In my opinion this book will improve your financial literacy and one of the ways is by teaching you about inflation. This is very current as inflation is a massive issue now as we are half way through 2022.

The current financial system is broken and when you understand this, my opinion (like the authors) is that it will lead you to BTC. If you fully understand inflation, it will lead you to BTC. This is what’s happened to me anyway.


Again, this is a book that covers the history of money. Like the barter from many hundreds of years ago. Fiat currency is covered all the way back to Roman times. And he talks quite a lot about the money during the gold standard years. Then how things have changed after 1971 when President Nixon removed the world from the Gold standard.

You will read all about economics and this will improve your financial literacy. The book goes into the issues with Keynesian Economics and how it is different from the Austrian school of Economics.

Keynesians think that government intervention is a necessary part of economic cycles. When growth slows, central banks should print money and lower interest rates to help struggling economies. The Austrain school of economics believe that recessions and booms are part of the natural order. They fell that government intervention actually worsens the recovery process.

This book is a must and will help you to understand BTC and crypto in general. It will also add to your financial literacy which is a must. I believe that if you are financially literate, you can then invest with skill.

This book will help you get your head around BTC and its potential role in the future of money. After reading this book, I feel like owning BTC is like owning gold. This may change in the future but currently, that’s the way I view BTC.

Put this book on your to read list and open your mind to BTC and the future of money. It’s so important to move with the times and this excellent read is a step in the right direction.

CRYPTO DAD: The fight for the future of money

Crypto Dad is written by Chris Giancarlo who is a very influential figure in financial regulation. The book details his story and goes into his time in Wall Street and also includes his time as the Chairman of the United States Commodity Figures Trading Commission (CFTC). He details how he pushed the CFTC to recognise the digitisation of markets.

With his experience and knowledge, Giancarlo describes how he sees the future of the global economy. He goes deep as he explores digital change and how it affects the lives of everyone worldwide.

For me, it’s good to see someone who’s been on the regulatory side of the fence, who knows Bitcoin and crypto inside out. It’s good to hear someone with so much understanding of economics talk about how we need to update our aging financial system.

The internet of value is gaining momentum. We must take advantage of it. We must take a leadership role in the era of digital innovation and do so with the values of a free society. Otherwise, the future of money will incorporate the anti-democratic values of our global competitors. This paragraph is taken directly from Crypto Dad that struck a chord with how I currently think about money and the future of money.

It’s important that we all understand money and the future of money. So we can avoid total government control with CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency). This excellent book will improve your understanding of money and the future of money.


There are many issues with the current financial system. This book will help you to realise the issues with the current system and fully understand the issues. This can be fixed with technology (according to the author) and the effect technology can have on the future of the global economy is discussed in detail.

Inflation is a very hot topic at the moment as the price of everything seems to be going up. Jeff Booth talks a lot about deflation as technology is deflationary.

Inflation is basically where you get less for your money. Your £100 or $100 will be maybe worth £80 or $80 next year. Deflation is where you get more for your money. The author will get you to a point where you fully understand inflation, deflation and much more.

Just look at artificial intelligence (AI). Many of the jobs we all take for granted simply won’t be here in a few short years. Like maybe 10 years. And this is because of AI. This is something I think we should all be thinking about so we can educate ourselves and prepare ourselves for the future.

This book describes in great detail the fiscal (taxation and spending) and monetary (where the FED prints money or regulates interest rates) mess the world is in. Despite describing how bad things are currently, the book is quite optimistic: deflation is a good thing and we should embrace it.

Jeff Booth describes bitcoin as a must and possible lifeboat for the global economy. I feel that if you read his excellent book, you’ll agree with his feelings on the importance of bitcoin.


I’ve been writing on and off about BTC and crypto for the last 2-3 years. It took me 5 years to fully understand how important BTC is to the global economy. This is because I finally understood inflation and how bad the current global economy is.

If you read these 5 must read books for 2022, you will get BTC much quicker than 5 years. Depending on your reading speed, this could be done in a few days or a few weeks. My opinion is that if you do read these books, it will be a game changer for you and will help you to prepare for the future of money and the future of everything else.


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