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At the beginning of 2022, I started the DUFFMONEY YouTube channel. It’s a personal finance and investing channel with the intention of helping as many beginners as possible with their personal finances and then with their investing.

If you’re a beginner really focus in on the order. It goes personal finance, then investing. Get the fundamentals in order, then go and invest your way to financial independence. Or you might call it financial freedom. Either way it’s massively important to get some financial literacy and work on your financial plan. Fuck struggling in your 50s or 60s… if you can help it.

Anyway, before I get carried away with my obsession with financial independence, lets get back to the YouTube channel. Basically, the 1st 20 odd videos are personal finance and investing fundamentals. They are loosely based on my 1st book – FI MONEY: Learn the hard way, teach the easy way.

If I’m being honest, the 1st 20 odd videos are brutal. I’m shy, reserved and can barely string a sentence together. And it shows in the 1st few videos!

That being said, I’m very stubborn and tenacious when I get the bit between my teeth. After 3 years of working very hard on my financial literacy, the penny is really starting to drop. It’s so so so important to understand money and learn how to invest. We don’t get taught it at school and it’s a big failing on the system. I will learn how to string a sentence together and I will help shit loads of people with their personal finance and investing.

To help me get my cat together YouTube wise, I’m currently doing a course (with Udemy) on how to do YouTube videos. You will see little improvements as I start adding what I’m getting taught to my latest videos.

Crypto on YouTube

Right, now you know I’m big on financial literacy. Another thing I’m big on is moving with the times. Things are moving very fast as we move along in the 2020s. Something I have in the back of my mind, is how many jobs are going to be replaced with artificial intelligence.

It is my belief that educating yourself will insulate you against future disruption. Like educating yourself on Bitcoin and crypto. Please don’t just treat crypto as background noise. In my opinion, its coming and it’s coming fast. It’s the fastest adopted technology ever and that includes the internet and mobile phones.

A common analogy is that the crypto space now is like the internet in the mid 90s. Imagine getting in on Amazon or Apple in the early days. Yes, it is volatile, but that’s because it’s still early despite the rate of adoption.

What is my credibility and why the fuck should you listen. Well, I’ve been investing for 20 years with property, stocks and shares and now crypto. I’ve literally made every mistake in the book. I am the expert on how not to invest. And ill tell anyone who will listen what not to do so that they avoid my mistakes.

Plus, I’ve sorted myself out over the last 3 years. I’ve read over 150 books on personal development, business, money, investing and have consumed as many audibles, podcasts and YouTube videos as my little brain can handle.

My little YouTube channel is going to focus on Crypto over the next few months. I’m going to be covering crypto basics, what not to do (expert on how not to invest), how I’m investing in 2022, latest crypto news and much more.

If you enjoy my crypto videos, I want to ask a favour. I want to ask you to comment on the videos with any questions. Let’s get some conversations going and learn more about this space together. My genuine belief is that if we take the time to understand it now, we will benefit greatly within the next 5 years.

More conversations with friends and family

I really want to get more conversations going about crypto. I’m going to keep trying with friends and family and I’m going to keep trying with duffmoney.

When it comes to learning about crypto, I read books, listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos. My preference is probably podcasts as I’m driving around. Podcasts like POMP and the Crypto Standard Podcast. There are loads of crypto podcasts out there but the best out there for beginners is the Crypto Standard Podcast. I’ll be including the links at the end of the post.

The people I associate with just aren’t bothered about crypto. Especially my wife and two girls. In fact, I get abuse from my eldest and her friends about being into crypto and they’ve definitely had a pop at me about my brutal early YouTube videos. If I could get more conversations going, with the people around me, I feel it will help us all.

We will move with the times together and have a greater understanding of this exciting new technology. If you have any doubts, just look at what’s happening with inflation. It’s not the nicest of topics, but I feel if you take the time to learn about it, it will lead you to Bitcoin and alt coins. This is because of corrupt governments and central banks.

We are all suffering because of inflation. But what’s the solution? Currently, bitcoin is the best solution because it’s decentralised and a scarce asset. Most people are scared of crypto (in my opinion) because it’s digital and they can’t see it. And most people, probably don’t realise that the term printing money is a figure of speech.

If you hear that the government are printing more money, it’s not physical cash. It’s zeros on a spreadsheet. It’s zeros on a digital spreadsheet. Crypto is the same as its digital money held on a digital spreadsheet or digital ledger should I say. The big difference is that blockchain technology removes the middleman. It removes the banker.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto because the banks and governments failed us. Currently, bitcoin is the best solution to the current carnage caused by governments and central banks. Before I get carried away, I just want to add that none of this is financial advice. And it will be covered in greater detail, on my YouTube channel over the next few months. 

The crypto standard podcast

I want to help beginners with their personal finances and investing and I want to help them to understand crypto. The best place you can go if you’re a beginner, is the best crypto podcast – The Crypto Standard Podcast.

This podcast is brilliant, and the two hosts are really good at explaining Bitcoin and Crypto. Give it a try and let me know what you think. These are fellow crypto investors that I want to get around. Your environment really matters and if I can get around people who really understand crypto, it will benefit me and greatly improve my understanding. Later in the year, I might get my chance depending on work. This is because these two lads from Dundee (sorry dudes from Dundee) are in the process of organising a UK crypto conference in Dundee.

The UK crypto conference in Dundee

I would love to make the UK crypto conference in Dundee later in the year. Currently, its planned for October. The size of the venue and speakers etc is very much dependent on the demand. I have a feeling it’s going to exceed their expectations and be a huge event.

I’ll either be telling everyone I know about this conference and dragging them up to Dundee. Or I’ll be telling everyone about it and not be attending because of work.

But thinking out loud, I really need to get my ass up there. I need to stand by my convictions. I genuinely believe in this space and see myself working in crypto over the next few years. To do that I need to up my game and keep learning. To up my game, I really need to get around other people involved in the crypto space.

What if I head up to the UK Crypto conference and meet one or two people and one thing leads to another. All of a sudden, I’m working in the crypto space. Just so were clear, that isn’t my actual intention. The reason for going is purely to improve my understanding and get around people in crypto. I’m just a believer in that anything is possible.

When it comes to crypto, literally anything is possible. I have just finished the latest POMP podcast and he was talking to an English 13-year old crypto millionaire. This English chap was amazing and spoke like a 60-year old university lecturer. This young man has made his fortune from NFTs (I’m just stating to understand them). He had no issues with stringing a sentence together.

Times are tough with whats going on with inflation and the war in Ukraine. Try and remain positive and if you get into crypto, ANYTHING is possible.

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