Before we start, I just want to add that this is not financial advice. This is information only.

One of my goals for 2022 is to start a YouTube channel. So, at the beginning of Feb, Personal Finances and Investing with Duffmoney will start on YouTube. This channel will help absolute beginners with their personal finances and then with their investing.


Duffmoney started as a weekly blog in mid-2019. I was stuck in the Tunisian desert 6 months deep into personal development. Basically – I had a bad relationship with money between 2008 and 2018 and my personal finances were a joke. This led to me chasing money offshore, in the UK and in poor locations abroad.

Being poor at personal finance, led to anxiety. I was always worried about money. I didn’t take the time to fully understand the family money situation. I earned good money, but I also spent good money. When my income reduced in 2016, this led to more anxiety. I was miserable at work, and this would follow me home. This is just a bit of background info.

By 2018 I was sick of being miserable and this led to some much-needed personal development … not everyone’s cup of tea but it has definitely helped me over the last few years…

Over the last few years, I have really focused on understanding money and getting some much-needed financial literacy. In the process, I have become obsessed with financial independence. A healthy obsession in my opinion.

But what is financial independence (FI)?

FI is when income from your assets covers all your living expenses. And the way I see it, that includes luxuries like holidays and trips away. Living life to the fullest. Spending more time with the people you love.

Just for transparency, my target FI figure is £4000 pcm. My target is to have 20 rental properties, and this will get me that FI figure I’m pushing for. I know I can get £200 profit from each rental and 20 x £200 is £4000.

Don’t zone in on my figure or my method of getting my FI. This is just an example to fully explain FI.

Personal finance

Personal finance must come first in my opinion. This is before you even think of investing. Try and ignore social media and the latest get rich quick scheme. It is difficult but you need to learn to manage your expenses and then you can move onto investing. As I’ve read in many books – spend less than you earn and invest the rest.

Despite working on my personal finances for the last 3 years, I can always improve. That’s why I’ll be focusing on budgeting and reducing expenses this Jan. Good financial habits like this will get me early financial independence. That’s the intention anyway.

This can be difficult because it requires discipline. It isn’t easy going through your bank statements and deciding what you can cut … like subscriptions you don’t really use or old gym memberships for example. My little Starbucks addiction before work will be stopping. That will save me about £20 a week or £80 per month.

I would go through your bank statements and write down every expense, so you know how much you are spending per month. This figure might be £2000 for example. Add in holidays and everything else you spend per month, and this is your FI figure. This might be £3000 per calendar month or even £10,000 per month.

When you listen to the experts, they all recommend a cash buffer of 3-6 months. Personally, I went with 6 months, and this was achieved back in 2019. This helped to remove that anxiety I had surrounding money and is definitely good for a contractor like myself.

I would look to get a cash buffer in place before you start investing. This gives you breathing space so you’re not getting anxious over money – this is the way my mind works anyway. If I haven’t got a cash buffer, I get anxious over money.

Once you have control of your personal finances and you have a cash buffer, you can start to invest. This is from what I have read and from experience.


When you are ready to invest, you can start investing your way to FI. This is what I am obsessed with, and I want to help other people get some early FI. That’s why I’m starting a YouTube channel. It is to help absolute beginners with personal finance and investing. And it is to encourage the same people to start thinking about FI.

With personal finance and investing, I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve learned from many mistakes and failures. On a positive note, even novice investors who make mistake after mistake (like me) can turn things around and invest with skill. To see how I turned things around, you can read my 1st book.

Finally sorting my financial act out, I have started to invest with skill. My strategy is long term buy and hold with property investing, index investing and crypto investing. This is how I will get early FI.

Remember, this is not financial advice, this is information only.

I would never advise readers what to invest in. But I do document what I invest in. Like my preferred way of property investing is with single let’s. This is because it is relatively passive and easy to manage whilst still having a full-time job.

My preference when investing in the stock market, is currently to do it via index funds. I invest with Vanguard and my fund looks to track the performance of entire markets. This isn’t my attempt at getting you to invest with Vanguard as I have no affiliation whatsoever – and wouldn’t do it anyway. My intention is to gently nudge the reader towards investing as I understand how important it is.

Do some research. Learn about your money and how to invest. Try and invest in a way that is aligned with your values and beliefs. Any investment you make is your responsibility. This is a big one and took me a few years to fully understand.

YouTube channel

Most of us are not taught about money at school and it’s not good enough. It’s a total failure of the school system in the UK and other parts of the world. With duffmoney, my intention is to pass information on as I learn it. Anything I learn in terms of money, business, investing, personal development etc will be documented.

I am 100% not a financial advisor. All I want to do with duffmoney is encourage as many people as possible to work on their personal finances and investing. Not just randomly investing. Investing their way towards early FI.

The 1st 20 odd videos of the YouTube channel will be loosely based on my 1st book. And what I see as the 4 stages of financial independence … 1. Money mindset 2. Putting a plan in place 3. Financial literacy 4. Investing with skill.  That’s 20 videos to start things off. Moving on from there I will focus on property, investing in the stock market and crypto investing …. And anything else that I think will help you with your personal finances and investing.

Anyway, that’ll do for the first post of 2022. If you like the sound of my new YouTube channel, look out for it in early Feb… All the best for 2022 I really hope you smash all your financial goals and any other goals you have set.

By the way, if you want some more info on personal finance and investing, you can always read my 1st book. Or if you are on a limited budget, I have no issues sending you a FREE COPY.


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