Learn to manage and work with your amygdala… or as Steven Peters refers to it as the chimp part of your brain. On a side note – The Chimp Paradox, by Steven Peters is well worth a read. And if I refer to my amygdala as my chimp this is where the reference comes from. From my experience, learning to manage your amygdala will help to calm you down and help you with personal finance and investing.

Disclaimer: this is not advice. This is information only.

The amygdala is basically the emotional part of the brain. I won’t go too much into it as my understanding of the make-up of the brain is limited. All I’m saying is to be aware that when you are overwhelmed with emotions, it is your chimp brain kicking in.

Like if someone is driving ahead of you far too slowly and you get a bit of road rage. Or you let someone through a tight road and they don’t wave and the road rage kicks in. This used to be me but now I am cool calm and collected – well I try to be anyway … I’m certainly not getting stressed out in a car.

Emotional intelligence

Intuitively, I knew a few years ago I needed to be better at managing my emotions. I was too miserable and too stressed, and it was following me home. I’d be worried about money – it would follow me home and id be moody and sullen about it … instead of being open and honest with my wife and putting a plan in place to sort my act out.

If we had an argument my stress levels would go from 0 to 10 fairly quickly and I would finish the argument with my nasty tongue. Hands up I am 100% not proud!

Or if I was stressed out at work – id take it home with me. My issues tended to revolve around work and money. Mainly money to be honest.

My chimp brain was kicking in at work as well. I’d get stressed out over not much at all because I was tired or whatever. And a big part of it was that in the background … sub consciously I was thinking about my poor personal finances.

I knew I had to sort my act out in my early 30s. I even started to meditate to calm myself down. But trust me 5-10 mins meditation won’t do you any good if you have poor emotional control. It lasted a few months and then it stopped, and I felt ok. But really, I wasn’t. I won’t go too deep into it but I’ve always had poor emotional control looking back. My amygdala is stronger than my logical side of my brain and I didn’t really understand this until I got into personal development.

Personal development

Getting into personal development, my self-awareness has improved massively. Knowing I had a little issue with my emotions surrounding money, at least I had a starting point. At least I held my hands up and admitted I had an issue that needed sorting.

Me and personal development really started in early 2019 so it’s been going about 3 years as I’m sat here writing away. Things have improved. Reading books like the Chimp Paradox helps you to learn to manage your amygdala – the emotional part of your brain.

I read quite a few books relating to the amygdala and watched some YouTube videos like TED EX talks for example. The extra knowledge was the 1st step.

I started meditating every day. And have done this for 3 years solid. I won’t stop as I feel it benefits my mental health. It helps to reduce anxiety and has many other benefits. When you look into people like Dandapani … a monk .. who is now an entrepreneur .. he has videos on You Tube that teach you how to meditate ..,. and a big part of it is prolonged focus and concentration …. Learning how to meditate and meditating consistently was the 2nd step.

Putting that knowledge into practice was next. So, I focused on leaving work at work for example. I’d get home and if I’d had a bad day… I’d pause before going in my house … and tell myself to make the most of my time with my squad ….. putting my new knowledge into action was the 3rd step.

At this point I want to introduce Wim Hoff. His methods are not everyone’s cup of tea but they work for me. Cold therapy has been around for centuries, but Wim Hoff has made it main stream … I’ve been doing it for a few years now and see many people adopting this approach to self-care … its good for the heart, good for the immune system, good for mental strength and therefore mental health and has many more benefits …. WIM Hoff was the 4th step.

I’ve tried a lot of methods to calm my amygdala but I’m going to stick to telling you about the 5 main methods that have worked for me. 

I started to reflect each week and each month. How was I doing compared to before. Was I still stressed at work. Was I bringing work home blah blah blah … over the last few years I can honestly say that I have become much better at managing my amygdala and this has improved my life and helped me to become much happier … reflecting on my progress was the 5th step

What to do

1st of all I am clearly not a health professional. Im an electrician who is obsessed with personal finance and investing. These 5 steps are what has worked for me in improving my emotional intelligence. You can try them or look for other methods that will help you manage your emotions.

Look into David goggins.

Look into dandapani.

Look into Jay Shetty.

Look into Jim Rohn

Look into Tony Robbins and maybe someone like Les BROWN or Eric Thomas..,.

Another thing that has calmed me down lately, is to work on my personal finances. After overspending on an extension in our home, I needed to calm myself down. A few months ago, my chimp was on fire, so I had to look at our budget. Me and Mrs Duffy have reduced our spending like saving on the weekly shopping. This has calmed me down.

Now back on top of my personal finances, I can go back to focusing on investing and working towards FI (Financial Independence). If you have found some value in this week’s post, get in touch via social media. IF you are interested in personal finance and investing, I can also send you a copy of my 1st book.

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