Apparently the harder you try, the more you repel money. This is from books I have read in recent weeks. Bear with me as from my experience, I think there is some truth in this statement..

Disclaimer: This is not advice. This is information only.

Have you ever tried too hard for something, and it just feels like you are never going to get what you are after?

I have been pushing hard for Financial Independence over the last few years and maybe I’ve become a little too obsessed. A little too serious. Being too serious in the past is definitely one of my poor traits and I am going to try and be a bit more laid back. Especially with my attempts at FI. I need to go with the flow a bit.

Reek of desperation

Trying too hard reminds me of college …

I chose Statistics, English Language and Geography. With them lesson choices, it is clear I wasn’t there for the education. I was there to have fun and go on nights out.

My 8 months at college was spent playing pool and trying to get a girlfriend.

Emphasis on the word try as I didn’t get a girlfriend. I became quite good at pool, but I was always rubbish at getting myself a girlfriend.

Looking back, I reeked of desperation and this is a contributing factor to me repelling the girls at college.

If only I could go back and tell myself to be aloof and I might have stood a chance.

But I can use this experience now with my obsession of money and FI. I need to calm myself down and be aloof.

Go with the flow

Being obsessed with single shares in the past didn’t help me. Checking in on my shares every 5 minutes reeked of desperation. The opposite of going with the flow.

Being obsessed with my crypto assets a few weeks ago didn’t help me. It brought anxiety and stress. Checking on my crypto assets every 5 minutes reeked of desperation. The opposite of going with the flow.

I done this sort of thing with my Premium bonds. I was obsessed and was sort of trying to force the money to come to me. Not good and not the way to go. Again, I need to calm myself down and learn to finally go with the flow.

I’m convinced that going with the flow and trusting the process will attract the money I’ve been looking for.

With my strategy of long-term buy and hold I will get to where I am going financially. What I mean is that I will get my FI. I don’t know when, but I will get there. It’s about having a bit of faith in what you are doing and letting things take their natural course.

Just to be transparent, this is advice I’m giving myself as well as the reader. Because my previous mistakes are exactly the opposite of going with the flow. But we live and we learn and hopefully the penny has finally dropped for yours truly …

The thing is good things happen when you least expect them. Like when some of my crypto increased significantly in January 2021. Or when I got a new job a few weeks ago.

They don’t happen when you obsess about what you want. This is from my experience anyway.

What to do

If you are like me, you want some early FI.

What we are going to do is trust in the process.

We are going to get a financial plan in place. Personally, my plan is long-term buy and hold with property, index investing and Ethereum.

With our plan in place, we going to go with the flow and have a little faith.

Book of the week: The subtle art of not giving a fuck, Mark Manson. Personally, I do give a fuck. I give a fuck about personal finance and helping others with their personal finance. Nevertheless, this book is worth a read. It’s funny and might just help you to not give too much of a fuck (like me when I’m being too serious) and to go with the flow a bit more.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop:

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