I am not an expert on personal finance.

But I am an expert on how not to invest.

And all my old (bad) habits have kicked in over the last few months.

How I invest

Over the last few years I have become an investor. This is after years of being a poor investor. As I say, an expert on how not to invest. Looking at duffmoney, there are numerous examples of poor personal finances – singles shares loss.

With a better relationship with money, I have now put a financial plan in-place. With some much-needed financial literacy, I am confident with the way I invest.

My strategy is long-term buy and hold. That is with property, index funds and Ethereum (crypto asset). This strategy will get me some early financial independence (FI). It is not if, it’s when.

One of my problems in the past was trying get rich quick schemes. I tried this with single shares and became obsessed with checking in on my shares – literally every 5 minutes.

And unfortunately, I have slipped back into this type of investing over the last 8 weeks. Dreaming of getting rich quick with my crypto assets. This brought stress and anxiety like when I was investing in single shares in previous years. Please don’t get emotional with your investments.

I do want to become FI but I don’t want stress and anxiety. I need to stick to the plan and get back to being disciplined. Over the last 2 years I have been very disciplined. This 8 week period is a little blip and I have started to get back on track.


Safemoon is an alternative coin that I have been investing in since March 2021. And this alt coin is the main reason for my little blip. I’m not blaming Safemoon it is 100% my responsibility how I invest.

I had a few alt coins in my binance account at this stage and wasn’t really bothered about getting anymore. A few of my colleagues had got in very early (the coin only started in early March) and they were all talking about it. I ignored them for about a week as I stuck to the plan.

But then safemoon Matty convinced me this coin was going to go up. And he was very convincing. He was adamant and had put some serious hours in with his research.

A little bit of FOMO kicked in and I invested. It was hard to get into. You had to open a metamask wallet and pancake swap exchange. I wont go too much into it but it took about an hour of watching a youtube video to get the safemoon tokens into my metamask wallet.

I put $2000 in as I had made some decent profits from another alt coin.

Getting back to being a disciplined investor, I put safemoon to the back of my mind and turned my attention back to property and DUFF PROPERTIES.

This was up until April 21st.

This is a day me and the lads who invested in safemoon will probably always remember. It was a day of gambling and doing exactly the opposite to what an investor should do. But fuck me, it was exciting and I don’t even regret it.

The safemoon retirement plan

Going into April 21st, 10 out of 12 of us in our little commissioning team had invested in safemoon. By the end of the day, it was 12/12 and quite a few more of the lads from the rest of the site.

There was serious FOMO kicking in. The 12 of us from our team thought we were going to retire by the end of the week.

Ultimately, we got very greedy and all egged each other on. Especially our ringleader – Safemoon Matty.

Could have. Should have. Would have. 

We all got in at about 0.000000005… Im not sure of the figure, but you get the point, we got in early.

The amount we could have cashed out at was crazy – but non of us cashed out. Big balls or silly little boys? I’m going with the latter.

Safemoon Matty – £11,000 in and that went up to £690,000

Jacko – £10,000 (approx.) in and that went up to £320,000

Jamie – £20,000 (approx..) in and went up to £260,000

Phil – £1000 in and went up to £80,000

Me (the expert on how not to invest) – £1500 in and went up to £65,000

If you look closely at the figures, they are not quite aligned. This is because we all got in at different times and therefore got in at different prices.

In a 10-hour shift, we all spent about 9.5 hours looking at the safemoon price charts. We were going through some serious emotions.

It was exciting, stressful, funny, anxiety kicked in, FOMO kicked in as none of us wanted to cash out and others were trying to get in on it, happy, sad and every other emotion you can think of … Im even getting emotional writing this weeks blog!!!

The price has went down over the last few weeks and we are about 70% down on our April the 21st highs. By the way, no one has cashed out still. The safemoon retirement dream is still there

What to do

Don’t do what we done during this period.

Get a financial plan in-place. And stick to the plan.

Over the last 2-3 weeks, I have gone back to practising what I preach. I have gone back to duffmoney and my financial plan. I am not anxious like I was and am back to focusing on long-term buy and hold.

A good little rollercoaster ride but I wouldn’t recommend it. Checking on your investments every 5 minutes is not the way to go – unless you like stress and anxiety …

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Book of the week: The monk who sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma. An excellent personal development book that is worth a read! With today’s hectic modern society, it easy to suffer from overwhelm and stress. This book will help you take a look inside and make you realise the importance of living in the present moment.

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