In 2019, I started writing the DUFFMONEY blog. This was to document getting some early financial independence (FI). It was also to try and help other people achieve some early FI.

My plan at this point (mid-2019) was to get some early FI within 10 years. The weekly blog was helping me to get some much-needed financial literacy. It was also helping a few of my colleagues who seemed interested in getting a financial plan in-place.

This was enough for me. I wasn’t bothered about how many people were reading the blog. I just wanted it to help at least some people improve their personal finances. Improve their personal finances and get a financial plan in-place.

DUFFMONEY is all about raising financial awareness. It’s about starting with mindset and improving your relationship with money. Then you can get some financial literacy and can start heading towards financial independence.

The DUFFMONEY personal finance podcast is again about raising financial awareness.

The introvert doing a podcast

Being shy and a little introverted, can be difficult to overcome. It was uncomfortable for me starting the DUFFMONEY blog 2 years ago. It was uncomfortable for me putting DUFFMONEY material on social media. And it’s even more uncomfortable doing the DUFFMONEY personal finance podcast.

Being comfortable at being uncomfortable is something I have been reading about in personal development books over the last 2 years.

I am gradually learning to take myself less seriously!

See below for the podcast description you will read if you subscribe:

DUFFMONEY personal finance is a podcast for anyone looking to learn about money. And for anyone looking for plan B and some financial independence. Basically, you refuse to work until your 70 ish.

DUFFMONEY covers money mindset, lessons learned, investing fundamentals and property investing.

The aim is to help you to understand your relationship with money, learn to avoid common mistakes, get some financial literacy and head towards financial independence.

Hosted by Peter Duffy, we get stuck into single shares, index investing, crypto assets, property investing and much more …

Week 1 there were 5 podcasts released Monday-Friday (31st May to 4th June). After that, there will be 1 per week. Each episode will be 10-15 minutes long and will hopefully help you get some earlier than expected FI.

Why listen?

When it comes to personal finance here is a little list of my credentials:

  • 19 years of experience as a landlord / property investor
  • Currently building up my property portfolio in DUFF PROPERTIES
  • Over 10 years investing experience
  • Tried and failed with single shares
  • Currently investing in index funds via Vanguard – been doing so for 2 years
  • Been investing in crypto assets for 4 years
  • DUFFMONEY blog written for the last 2 years
  • Self-published author – FI Money: Learn the hard way, teach the easy way (New book)

If you read my book, or blog you will know that I have made several mistakes in the past. But you will also know that I have now got my financial house in order.

Most importantly, you will know that I care about you and your financial future. Money can have a negative effect on people if they have no financial literacy and don’t understand their relationship with money.

I was negative for over 10 years and it brought anxiety and stress. If this is you, I feel your pain! And know from experience that you can move past it and improve your relationship with money. You can start heading in the right financial direction. With some goals written down, you can head towards some early FI.

Personally, I am obsessed with FI and I want the same for you. Fi to me is about freedom. It’s about spending time with family and spending time doing what you love. My dream is to wake up on a Monday and be excited to start work. That is working on DUFF PROPERTIES and other businesses I have planned. Not dreading the means to an end!!!

What to do

Obviously, I want you to tune in and listen to the DUFFMONEY personal finance podcast (New podcast). Not only that, I obviously want you to leave a 5* review and tell all your mates …

In all seriousness, if you do listen to the podcast, please leave an honest review.

As I say, DUFFMONEY is about raising financial awareness. My wife asked me why I was doing the podcast the other day …

When I said it is to raise financial awareness it sounded a bit out there and a bit weird. Another way of saying it is that it is part of me getting some early FI. The blog, the book and now the podcast are all documenting how I am working towards FI. And I want to help other people achieve the same.

I have had anxiety over money, and I have seen it time and time again at work and with people I know and love. Fuck worrying and fuck anxiety. Get your head into money and see if you can get some early FI.

Book of the week: Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyoaski. I’ve recommended this book before but I am more than happy to recommend again. If this book (or similar books) were part of the school syllabus it would be a game changer to many peoples lives. It helps you to understand your money from a concept point of view and how beneficial it is to be an investor or be in business.

For a hard copy visit the excellent Imagined Things Bookshop: imaginedthings. 

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