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Personal finance and Investing 

Personal Finance and investing

DUFFMONEY is all about financial independence. First of all we need to focus on personal finances. Then it is about investing with skill. Spend less than we earn and invest what’s left…

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1st of all, it is important to start with mindset. Then you can focus on your personal finances and look at the dreaded budget. With money left over, you can invest and this is your starting point towards Financial independence …


Financial literacy is a big one as you want to have the ability to invest with skill. At DUFFMONEY, we have experience and the knowledge to pass onto our readers and listeners …


We are very much buy and hold. And we do this with property, index investing and crypto assets. With our help, you will discover the investing strategies most suitable to your goals and personal finances …

Some of the things I can help you with in becoming financial independent

If you are stuck in your means to an end job, it is very easy to become worried about your personal finances. If this sounds familiar, it is time to change. It is time to take control of your finances with this unique guide.

Money is a tool that enables you to live life on your terms. It gives you the ability to look after yourself, and most importantly the people you love.

You will learn from the expert on how not to invest. You will learn from the mistakes and get some financial literacy. The overall aim of DUFFMONEY is to help the reader and listener work towards financial independence (FI).

About me

Spread the word

DUFFMONEY started in 2019 and is here to help people with their personal finances. It started with writing the DUFFMONEY blog. This was to document getting some early financial independence (FI). It was also to try and help other people achieve some early FI.

This website will be information only. Well, apart from me trying to funnel you towards my book from time to time. The information will come from a weekly blog and weekly podcast.

It is important for me to spread the word and help others who may be struggling with personal finance. If you can give honest feedback in the form of a comment or a review, it will be greatly appreciated.

Imagine you were able to encourage someone to invest and it made a big difference to their lives. They got to their late 50s (or even earlier) and were able to retire comfortably because of decisions they made 20 or 30 years earlier. This is what I want and is why I’m passionate about DUFFMONEY.

DUFFMONEY is all about raising financial awareness. It’s about starting with mindset and improving your relationship with money. Then you can get some financial literacy and can start heading towards financial independence.

How NOT to invest

I am the self confessed expert on how not to invest. This will become apparent with some of my lessons learned over the years. But I can also show you how to invest with crypto assets, index investing and property investing. DUFFMONEY is all about delayed gratification with long-term buy and hold.

How to invest

From DUFFMONEY’s experience, personal finance starts with mindset and goal setting. Then we move onto budgeting and ensuring we are able to spend less than we earn. Finally, it is deciding where to invest and making sure your investments are aligned with your long-term goals.

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